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    Good Health a National Priority  

    Spot light The government should take a considerate view of public health and strengthen tobacco control laws in India to promote good health as well as protect coming generations from addiction to deadly tobacco products. Strengthening the COTPA act 2003 shall help the nation to achieve a significant reduction in Tobacco use and a decline in the easy availability of tobacco products and facilitate India’s march towards sustainable development goals creating a healthier and safe smoke-free environment..... Read more 

    our appeal

    NCDs are estimated to account for 60% of all deaths in India. Nada Peer Education initiative and approaches adopted as model for promoting prevention of noncommunicable disease (Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and mental conditions) and education of risk factors for those considered hard to reach such as young people , women, and alcohol and drug users.. We would like to reach out to 500 families living in slums and 200 poor families affected by cancer, alcohol, drugs of Delhi NCR,Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.


    Raise Awareness.

    We conceptualize and run campaigns to build awareness.


    Gather Support.

    We gather consensus in the form of partnership, agreement, volunteers, & donations.


    Enhance Capability.

    At NIF, we empower people where people are at.


    Facilitate a Change.

    We then become part of the change.



    Social Work Advocacy for Tobacco and Climate Change

    jointly led by NadaIndia & NAPSWI 

    Nada India has been organizing workshops on Strengthening Leadership and Green Social work intervention for green and healthy campus. Nada has been working with the National Association of professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI)  since 2016 for NCD capacity-building in Delhi (NCR),Punjab,Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kerala, Rajasthan, U.P., Chhattisgarh Uttarakhand,  Puducherry and & Maharashtra. We look forward to continued partnership with NAPSWI ,Civil Societies and Departments of Social work,  to strengthen capacity-building and healthy campus a reality at National level.....  #covid19 

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    Training & Tech Assistance

    Nada contributes through information sharing & skill building to the work of government initiatives,NGOs, corporate agencies,  educational institutions, students, and the general public.

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    Vidya Lead Academy is a hybrid learning platform facilitating  young people to lead a healthier lifestyle and better employability.

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    Nada India researches many areas including the efficacy of auricular acupuncture in diverse treatment settings. Further NIF conducts research in areas such as child rights, NCDs,substance abuse, adolescent health etc.

    || Areas of Focus

    Youth Engagement and Community Mobilization

    Holistic Healthcare and NCDs

    Grow in your understanding about addiction including the warning signs, intervention ideas and prevention strategies.  Learn why and how youth use substances and explore resources to teach students about the life-long effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Purchase courses for your employees and volunteers call us 9810594544

    Life Skill & Livelihood

    Tobacco and Alcohol